***Vengeance Is Ours***


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Price - $27.99 (USD)
Size - The MP4 videofile size 344 MB
Length -32 minutes

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After this your login will be expired.
For detailed information on how to download & view the clips, read the information at the bottom of the page.


How to download/view the clip:

1) The basic process is:
-->first download the clips to your computer
-->after the downloads are fully completed, view the clips from your computer, or burn them to DVD to view on your television/DVD player

2) The type of videoclips:
In the Clubstore of www.clubyvette.com we work with WMV files. All are high resolution of 720*480 pixels at a datarate of at least 1000 kbit/sec

2) This how to download the clips:
--> right-click the link (on a Mac use ctrl-click)
--> a menu will appear
-->choose "save target/link as"
-->choose a location on your computer to save the clip to

3) Viewing WMV files on a Mac:
To view WMV files on a Mac there are several solutions possible. Here are a few:
-->download windows mediaplayer for the Mac and view the WMVs through this program. It's for free of course! Here is the link: www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/mac/mp9/default.aspx
-->download the free version (called "trial version") of flip4mac to vie wmv files with Quicktime, etc. Here is the link: www.telestream.net/flip4mac-wmv/overview.htm

4) Support:
If you have problems with downloading the clips, go to our contact page and send us an email!